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Q: Do I need to use BPI certified compostable bags?

If you are using bags: 

The only bags accepted in the food waste recycling bin are BPI-certified compostable bags. Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), certifies that a particular item is truly compostable in a commercial facility as well as free of any “forever chemicals" such as PFAS that could contaminate the finished compost. 

  • Grocery store produce bags ARE NOT BPI-certified - DO NOT USE THEM



Where can you purchase BPI-certified compostable bags?

Chatfield's in Southbury carries BPI-certified bags. If you want to purchase compostable bags at a local grocery store or online, look for the BPI symbol or for writing that states the item is “BPI certified compostable." Search on the internet using the search term "BPI certified trash bags".

You do not need to use a bag:

You do not have to use a bag when dropping off your food waste. You can bring your food waste in a container, empty the container's contents into the food waste bin, and rinse your container, if necessary, when you return home. If you want to skip the cleaning step, then you use BPI-certified compostable bags ONLY.

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Q: Do I need a transfer station permit?

All residents of Southbury wishing to use the town’s transfer station are required to have a permit. Permits are free of charge.

Residents whose cars are registered in Southbury need to obtain the permit at the Transfer Station, located at 231 Kettletown Road. Vehicle registration showing Southbury address must be provided to the Transfer Station employee and stickers will be applied to the inside of the windshield. Permits are valid for three years.

Residents whose cars are not registered in Southbury must obtain a temporary permit at the First Selectman’s Office, located at Southbury Town Hall, 501 Main Street South, second floor. Proof of residency must be shown to obtain a temporary permit. Proof documents include a tax bill, lease, or mortgage statement. Temporary permits are valid for one year. Return to FAQs

Q: Where is our food waste taken?

The food waste is taken by a hauler to a composter (New Milford Farms) or to Quantum Biopower in Southington, a company that takes organic waste items and recycles it into usable energy, compost and soil-based fertilizers. Return to FAQs

Q: Do I need to buy a starter kit to participate? 

No, Residents do not need to buy a starter kit to participate in the food waste recycling program.  A starter kit is just a way to make it easy for you to participate.


Residents who do not purchase a starter kit still need to be sure to follow the rules of what can and cannot be accepted, as well as make sure no plastic bags, containers, or produce stickers are placed in the recycling bins. 


For more information on "BPI certified compostable bags" click here.  Return to FAQs

Q: If something is marked "compostable," can I recycle it with food waste? 

For the success of our program, we are asking residents to stick to our published list of acceptable items (see what is accepted).  Even though companies can label and market their products as “compostable", “compostable in a commercial facility" or "biodegradable" they may not actually be compostable or accepted by the composting facility. For these reasons and more, please leave them out of the program.   Return to FAQs

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