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Over the next 3 years advance Southbury towards a Sustainable, Resilient, Net Zero Community


Sustainable Southbury will assist, advise, educate and help drive action by municipal leaders, residents and businesses.


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Achieving this vision will require participation from the community and its organizations.   We founded Sustainable Southbury on the Sustainable CT framework which provides the roadmap, resources, and guidance to achieve a more sustainable community.  Ultimately, this could lead to a sustainable community that embraces multiple human needs in a collaborative decision making process to harness the power of the community and help shape our collective, more sustainable future.  

Southbury Awarded Sustainable CT Bronze Certification

June 2022



Chuck Litty

Founder and President

I have been interested in conservation, ecology, and living in sustainability since I was a young child. This interest first manifested itself in a degree in Environmental Science and Forestry where I met my wife. We share a great interest in biology and being connected with the land and nature. We are avid gardeners, hikers, and I am an avid cyclist, which gives me another avenue to be outdoors many days of the year. For several years I worked in forestry, first at the "dirt forestry" level, and eventually began working for the US Forest Service at a research station in Athens, GA, where I was exposed to the quantitative aspects of forestry. This led to a degree in applied mathematics and from there to a lengthy career in GE Capital, where I led an applied mathematics and statistics group. The focus was mostly on developing and maintaining high-performing credit models to help automate credit functions, reduce costs, and control the risk in the portfolio. After retiring I returned to my first love and obtained a degree in Sustainable Design and became a Certified Passive House Consultant. Passive House is a way of making buildings highly energy-efficient, comfortable, durable, and healthier to live in. Since then, I and a group of passionate citizens have been working to transform Southbury into a green community by making more use of clean energy, practicing energy conservation, reducing waste, working towards cleaner air and water, and working towards a vibrant green local economy.

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Tom Connor

Tom Connor has lived in Southbury with his wife, Emilie, since 1987 and is currently a member of the Southbury Board of Finance. In addition to his career in Financial Risk Management, he enjoys racquetball, journaling, hiking, wine, and soccer. Tom has always tried to participate in making Southbury a more ‘sustainable community’ and welcomes the opportunity to do so more actively and systematically through Sustainable Southbury.

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Anne Marie Hunter

Anne Marie loves nature for the joy and happiness that is derived from its beauty. When she first moved from western New York State to Connecticut, she immediately realized the air quality was not as clean. What was more shocking was that the residents of Connecticut were not conscious of this fact. That was the start of her quest to improve the environment. Today, the problems have multiplied as our country/world chooses convenience over stewardship of our planet. She wants to be part of the solution.

Anne Marie retired from IBM after holding many IT positions encompassing technical support, project management, education, personnel and account management.

She loves gardening, plays piano, and plays at golf-- still hoping one day the game will be kind to her.

Core Team Members

  • Barbara Donahue

  • Fadwa Najamy

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