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Eco-Friendly Brands to Support

Hello everyone! Today, we’ll be looking at 5 eco-friendly brands you should support. Keep reading to see what they are!

The Art of Soil

Instagram: @theartofsoil

I came across Karen Vaughan’s small business on Instagram a while ago and it is perfect for any artist who cares about the environment! As the name suggests, this shop sells high-quality watercolor paints made from soil (instead of the usual chemical materials)! How cool is that! Featuring a wide variety of colors and collections housed in beautiful wood palettes, you’re sure to find the paint for you! They even sell watercolor ornaments that are the perfect size for gift giving, and, if you’re not into palettes, tiny little ecopods held in a dish are also available. If you’re not into painting though, you should still give her a follow, since her stories, which range from the process of making the paints to information about the soils that make up the paints, are very inspiring and informative!


Instagram: @pelacase

While it may not seem like a big distinction, PELA has made the first ever completely biodegradable phone cases in response to the waste crisis. Their lines feature fashionable and sustainable cases, sunglasses, and accessories made for every phone and person. They also have consistent and regular sales going, so they’re affordable too. It’s really a win-win! Aside from selling products, they have a “Sustainable Saturdays” mailing list you can sign up for, which brings you 5 pieces of good news every weekend. So if you’re in need of some new gear for yourself or your phone, head PELA’s way!

NUMI Organic Tea

Instagram: @numiorganictea

This one is for all you tea lovers out there! Founded by a close brother and sister duo, NUMI tea is the epitome of sustainability in business. Not only do they actively work to make sure their final product is as eco-friendly as ever, but they also extend that concept to their packaging and production process, which not all companies do. They boast a tiny carbon footprint of 0.038 kg of carbon emissions produced per each tea bag consumed, of which the main contributor (46%) is boiling the water to steep the tea in, a process that isn’t even really part of the overall manufacturing! NUMI also takes care to store their high quality beverages available in just about every flavor known to man in the most sustainable packaging they could find, with plant-based wrappers and cardboard boxes and cases! If you’re looking for a way to relax without worrying about the environment, definitely try NUMI out!

Kind Laundry

Instagram: @kindlaundry

Another great company to support that is actively working against the waste crisis is Kind Laundry. You would think that laundry doesn’t have that large of an environmental impact, but it actually does - laundry products generate so much waste and are often produced from unsustainable resources. Kind Laundry’s founders recognized that problem and worked to bring eco-friendly products to the marketplace - it’s a shame they are so criminally underrated! Featuring products that are high-quality and affordable (my favorite is the stain remover bar - how convenient to use!), this brand is sure to make your laundry days much easier and environmentally friendly! And you know that Kind Laundry is legit when you see its credentials - it was the winner of the Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Award of 2021 and has been praised by magazines, books, websites, and TV shows alike! Not to mention that their socials are always full of great laundry tips and tricks to make it the easiest thing you’ve ever done - you’re really getting the whole package here!


Instagram: @_pact_

Lastly, we’re featuring PACT, “Earth’s Favorite Clothing Company.” When you think about the environment and the fashion industry, you likely think about fast fashion and its detriments, but PACT is here to change that connotation for good. Home to a very aesthetic collection of clothing that can be worn by anyone and everyone, PACT takes their standards to the next level by not only carbon-neutralizing their products (a major win!), but promoting ethical labor practices by exclusively partnering with Fair Trade Certified factories, which, unfortunately, is not the standard for all fashion brands. On top of that, the brand is also home to a variety of other eco-friendly services, my favorite of which is what they call “Carbon Offset Shipping”, in which their site calculates the amount of carbon emissions produced by the shipping of your order and then suggests simple ways for you to offset them! Such an innovative and unique feature, I wish all companies would start doing something like that. To sum it up, if you’re looking for a wardrobe refresh that doesn’t come at the expense of the environment, look no further than PACT!

Well, that’s all for today. Hopefully after reading this post you check out all of these brands who seriously deserve your money, and if you do, let me know about your experience! See you all next time - stay safe, healthy, and happy!

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