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Surpassed our $6,000 fundraising goal 

Raised $6,785 donated by 83 supporters

This unlocked an additional $6,000 in matching funds from Sustainable CT

Fundraising total: $12,785


We were successful because of your support

Sustainable Southbury is leading the way to help tackle the waste crisis

Help us create a system to better manage organic waste.


Join us in our efforts to help Southbury reduce food waste in our trash! 

Did you know that food waste significantly increases our waste disposal costs?  It contributes to more than 20% of our waste stream! Plus, food waste in our trash makes it heavy, wet, and smelly and it attracts rodents. 


Each pound you help us remove:

  • Keeps it from being burned in the Bridgeport incinerator, reducing air pollution for the local population;

  • Reduces methane emissions produced by its decomposition in landfills.

  • Decreases the amount of trash and the cost of trash disposal​​


What are we doing about it 
Together, with the Center for EcoTechnology we are working with local restaurants to reduce their food waste and recycle what they cannot donate. 


In collaboration with the community, we are developing drop-off sites for residents to bring their food scraps.  Food scraps can be brought to the drop-off site in no-spill containers and left in conveniently placed bins. A hauler then transports the scraps to a commercial facility where they are converted into animal feed, compost, or biogas.

By supporting these efforts, you will be part of the solution to our waste management problem! 

Gone are the days of throwing out our trash and never giving it a second thought.  Our landfills are full, the Hartford trash burning plant has closed and many towns are now shipping trash out of state (expensive in both dollars and carbon emissions). It’s simply not a sustainable solution to keep on doing what we have been doing.  We must take action!  We all need to do our part to leave this world a better place for our children and theirs.

We need YOUR help to make this happen

Every dollar you donate will be matched by Sustainable CT! 

Our goal is to raise at least $6,000 from this fundraising campaign. This will unlock $6,000 in matching funds from SustainableCT.  Every penny of the $12,000 will be used to help Southbury become a more sustainable and resilient community. 


By donating you will:
- Support community-wide education on this important issue
- Help create a sustainable, food scrap waste management program


Our Vision: Working together we will reduce, donate, or recycle the food that would be otherwise wasted by town residents and local businesses. 


​Your Donation is DOUBLED

Sustainable CT has generously agreed to match every dollar donated up to $6,000! That's a BIG deal!

How YOU can help

  • DONATE to this campaign using the "DONATE" button.

  • SHARE this campaign with your friends, families, and networks!

  • LET US KNOW if you want to be involved in the process!


If you prefer to give offline by cash or check or have any questions or inquiries, please contact


Thank you SO much - we can do this TOGETHER!

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